Design & Layout

Tasks like surveys, simple publications, forms, and manuals can take up a lot of time. Get help with these time-consuming tasks and focus on higher priorities.

Services listed here are not comprehensive.
I look forward to discussing solutions and options that best meet your needs.

Online and Paper Survey Design


Need help with surveying clients, customers, or donors? Your Favorite Assistant can help with online and hard-copy surveys, as well as designing the look and feel of the questionnaire. Details such as properly utilizing Likert scales, open-ended questions, multiple choice, and conditional logic can help provide better data which can then be aggregated into visually-represented data like charts and graphs.

  • Create online surveys, PDF form surveys, and paper surveys
  • Draft language for questions to elicit a clear response
  • Aggregate data into easy-to-understand visuals

Simple Publications

If you're in need of a simple flyer or brochure, you've come to the right place. Real Estate agents like having a brochure template that allows them to fill in specific information for each property - rinse and repeat! Small and mid-size companies may need their employee policies reformatted into one single Employee Manual. 

  • Simple flyers for events, sales, properties, etc. 
  • Brochures for real estate and services
  • Booklets for training and reference manuals
  • Table of Contents for lengthy documents
Flyers Brochures and Longer Publications
Form Fillable PDFs

PDF Forms

Do you need an easy-to-follow form-fillable document? Should users be able to click one button on the form to send a completed form to the printer or email address? Forms are great for applications not requiring sensitive information, providing quotes for clients, and more. Get help with 3rd party consultations to meet security requirements if necessary.

  • Form-fillable PDFs
  • In-house forms for quoting services
  • Applications not requiring sensitive information
  • Consultation on 3rd party software applications to address security requirements (HIPAA compliance, etc.)
Print Job Quotes

Gathering Quotes for Print Jobs

If you're not familiar with print shop lingo, you may end up with printed materials that didn't quite meet your expectations. Get a more accurate quote by asking the right questions, submitting the quote to print companies, and comparing prices.

  • Creating quote requests
  • Submit requests to print shops