Get help with photo manipulations, black and white conversions, custom-sizing images for social media, and exporting images in optimized formats for the web.

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Optimal Image Size for Websites and Publications

Sizing Images for the Web, Publications, and More

To maximize load times, images should be optimized to the proper size for the application the image is being used for, such as email, websites, and social media. Images that have not been properly sized can cause websites and emails to load slowly, and files take longer to render, which causes frustration for your audience.

  • Exporting photos for the web at appropriate dpi and size
  • Exporting under different file types based on the application (jpeg, gif, png, etc.)

Batching Photos

You may have several image files that need the same repetitive steps applied to them, such as sizing to a specific height and width, applying watermarks, etc. Get help with processing several dozen (or hundreds) of images to a specific output. It's a huge time saver!

  • Batch several image files with several steps applied to each one
  • Perfect for sizing several product images for use on a commerce website, watermarking photos for copyright, and more
Batching Photos
Social Media Image Templates

Facebook Cover and Twitter Page Photos

Do you need to promote a product or event on your facebook page? Utilizing an image that's sized to fit Facebook's cover photo size is a great way to highlight an upcoming event or special promotion. Perhaps you wish your Twitter profile page coordinated better with the look and feel of your website or other coordinating materials? Your Favorite Assistant can help you with customizations to create a more unified look.

  • Custom facebook cover images for product and event promotions
  • Custom Twitter profile images
Manipulating Photos in Photoshop

Photo Manipulation

Is your photo falling flat? Is it too bright or dark? Get help with processing your images to correct for color, contrast and brightness, sharpness, noise, blending out unwanted objects, and other requests as needed. Text other graphic elements can be added to your photo, and be sized for various outputs depending on your usage (online vs. publication).

  • Image adjustments for brightness and contrast, shadow and highlight, high pass sharpening and more
  • Add text and graphic elements
  • Cloning and removing unwanted objects
Black and White Photo Conversion

Black and White Conversion

Do you need to convert your color photos into black & white? Get help with converting your images while optimizing for superior brightness and contrast unlike a lot of auto conversion tools.