How to Hire Me

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Once we have had a chance to discuss your needs and deadlines, I will have a better idea of how to help you and can provide an estimate. Consultations are always free!


After the consultation, I will direct you on an appropriate retainer amount if necessary. You may use this page to conveniently make online purchases for retainers. If you prefer to pay by check, I can email you an invoice.

Some services come with special promotional pricing based on the purchase of a retainer.

$250 Retainer
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Basic Retainer

This amount is perfect for most clients just wanting to quickly refill their retainers.


Custom Retainer

When you need a different amount or aren't sure how much your retainer should be. Use this option if we have decided on a specific retainer amount.

$500 Retainer
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$500 Retainer

A convenient way to replenish your retainer for larger projects (or to cover a longer period of time).


My hourly rates are based on industry standards for the experience and training I have. Most projects are quoted on a fixed or flat-rate basis, and the rates you see here are a range.

Learning Curve: $35

This rate is reserved for time spent training to learn repetitive tasks, learning new software when necessary to complete your project, etc.

Highest Billable Rate: $60

Covers all tasks performed on an hourly rate. Some projects will be quoted as a fixed cost.