How to Hire Me
(an overview)


Schedule a Discovery Call

30 minutes to discuss your pain points, budget, and priorities

Follow-Up and Proposal

Time to answer additional questions in order to provide a working quote on suggested number of hours

Agreement for Services

Your Favorite Assistant provides an Agreement for Services for your signature that includes payment terms, and a Welcome Packet


Client pays for monthly retainer up front

Workday Simplified

Bask in the glory of delegating time-consuming tasks!

Tanna was great to work with. She did an excellent and timely job on the work I asked her to complete. It was done past my expectations. Offloading tasks to someone such as Tanna is invaluable and allows me to better focus on priority tasks and issues. Thank you Tanna!
— Gabriel Key, Foggy Mountain Pasta

Monthly Administrative Support Packages: $35.00 an hour (and less)

The perfect solution for clients needing administrative support on a regular basis for a variety of needs and projects. The maximum hourly rate is based on $35.00 an hour, and rate discounts are available based on the number of hours you purchase. 

Rate Schedule: Less than 5 hours per month

Monthly packages start at a minimum of 5 hours per month; however, if you only need occasional help, or less than 5 hours, the $35.00 an hour rate applies, but your projects are not eligible for training rates or discounts. 

Squarespace Website Design

Website design projects are quoted on a fixed cost basis.