How to Hire Me
(an overview)

Tanna was great to work with. She did an excellent and timely job on the work I asked her to complete. It was done past my expectations. Offloading tasks to someone such as Tanna is invaluable and allows me to better focus on priority tasks and issues. Thank you Tanna!
— Gabriel Key, Foggy Mountain Pasta

Schedule an Appointment

In order to meet client deadlines, I have to run a tight ship when it comes to my schedule. Maintaining a well-organized calendar is essential to ensuring I'm able to meet client deadlines and work requests. My operating hours are always published on the Contact page. The first step in our new relationship is to schedule a discovery call. This gives us 30 minutes or so to discuss your pain points, a general idea of your budget, and priorities. 

Follow-Up Meeting and Proposal

Once we have had a chance to discuss your needs and deadlines, I will have a better idea of how to help you and can provide an estimate. Clients have a choice of utilizing A La Carte services, or signing up for a Monthly Package. We will probably meet in person somewhere in Boone, NC. This meeting is the perfect opportunity to see if we will be a great fit for continued collaboration. 


Once you've accepted my proposal and related paperwork, you will pay a retainer up-front for an agreed-upon amount prior to work beginning. My Agreement for Virtual Assistant Services will outline payment terms, refunds, cancellations, and more.


Monthly Administrative Support Packages: $35.00 an hour (and less)

The perfect solution for clients needing administrative support on a regular basis for a variety of needs and projects. The maximum hourly rate is based on $35.00 an hour, and rate discounts are available based on the number of hours you purchase. 

Rate Schedule: A la carte services

A La Carte Services are subject to the following rates. Please note that not all projects are the same, and more often than not, quotes come in at less than the hourly rates you see here based on simplicity, and a high level of familiarity with the type of work needed. This is one advantage to working with someone with over 20 years of experience!

My hourly rates are based on industry standards for the experience and training I have. Most projects are quoted on a fixed or flat-rate basis, and the rates you see here are to give you an idea of cost, but are not always definitive. I encourage you to reach out to discuss your specific needs - my quote may very well come in less than what you expect!.

Reseller Rate: $35.00 an hour

This rate is for other providers offering services in web design/maintenance, graphic design, photography, etc. Fixed-rate quoting is available.

Basic Administration: $35.00 an hour

This rate covers projects that go beyond flat rate pricing. Examples of services that fall under this rate include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Entry
  • Setup Excel and Google Spreadsheets with formulas, conditional formatting, etc.
  • Digital Presentations
  • Database Management
  • Quotes and RFPs for Print and Marketing Materials
  • RSVP Management
  • Polls for Meeting Attendees
  • Composing Content for Correspondence (letter and email templates, marketing/sales letters, etc.)

Graphic Design and Marketing / Website Content: $45.00 an hour

This rate covers graphic design projects that go beyond flat rate pricing. Examples of services that fall under this rate include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing brochures, flyers, newsletter publications for print and/or online distribution
  • Photo Editing
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Website Copy
  • Advanced Resume Writing and Design (graphic templates and online resumes)

Custom Solutions: $40.00 - $50.00 an hour

Projects requiring customized solutions that fall outside of current 3rd party software/application scope and features, or if Client wishes to keep outside costs low by not paying for 3rd party software/applications. Examples of services that fall under this rate include, but are not limited to:

  • Creation and/or modification of files to serve as manual project management tools, invoice/financial tracking tools, etc.
  • Creation and documentation of custom processes

Website Design and Management: $60.00 an hour

This rate covers website maintenance following completed web design and/or help with a Client website YFA did not design. Includes work with HTML and CSS.