Data Management

Keeping up with your data is a time-consuming task. Not having up-to-date and accurate information can adversely affect reporting and customer relationships. Get help with cleaning up, formatting, updating, importing, and exporting your data for software solutions you currently use.

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Database Management

Database Management

If you have an existing database, you may have noticed your data has inconsistent formatting, missing or blank fields, extraneous spacing, typos, and more. Having your data audited can fix many issues. If you are looking to start using a database, get help with researching possible solutions that fit your needs and price point.

  • Data auditing
  • Formatting consistency
  • Research software solutions
  • Prepare data for import and export

Data Entry

Large amounts of data waiting for import and manipulation can seem overwhelming when you have the information in a non-digital format. 

  • Manually type content unreadable by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software
  • Clean up exported files from OCR software (extraneous symbols and odd formatting)
  • Correct records based on new information (such as returned mail)
  • Concatenation for combining data in spreadsheets
  • Conditional formatting to highlight specific areas
Data Entry
Data Validation Data Auditing

Data Validation / Data Auditing

How accurate is your data? Do you have zip codes that were accidentally truncated to 4 digits? Do street addresses have "avenue" when it should be "street"? Are formal name fields accurate? Do email addresses have transposed characters or extraneous spaces? Having accurate data can save you money on mailings and other marketing efforts.

  • Audit records against postal records for validity
  • Review data for formatting consistency
  • Remove extra spaces and trim fields down to specific number of characters (9-digit zip codes to 5)
  • Update Product SKUs for new categorization/methodology
Contact List Management

Contact Lists

Contacts lists easily become cumbersome, whether you're dealing with an email address book, online contact list, CRM, or paper Rolodex. Get help with identifying a solution that fits your needs based on the software and tools you use on a daily basis, and assistance with cleaning up data, organizing contacts into master groups, and creating distribution lists. 

  • Research apps and software solutions for managing contacts
  • Import paper records into a digital system
  • Organizing your lists into smaller groups and master groups (distribution lists)