Case Studies

A few examples of how monthly packages can benefit you

Ongoing Support to Simplify Your Workday

One day it hits you: you're wearing too many hats and deadlines are getting missed, you seem unable to get everything done without working late or most weekends, you still don't know where you placed a file, or what happened to the email you should have responded to last week . Maybe it's always been this way, perhaps you're in between positions or funding cycles. Whatever the case may be, hiring a Virtual Assistant who serves the NC High Country can be a game changer. Isn't it time to simplify your workday?


Supporting a Sales Team

Platinum Package


Assisting with an Online Store

Starter Package

Sales Representative - Platinum Package

A local sales representative contacted me for "help with administration." This evolved into learning a complicated sales process that involved coordination with several stakeholders, document gathering, and a long list of todos to keep a project moving from start to finish. Almost every day I'm supporting my client and his team with various tasks:

  • Saving documents in specific locations and marking various steps complete or overdue
  • Tracking commissions and referral fees in a custom accounting file that quickly highlights overdue payments, with yearly totals
  • Creating email newsletters to solicit new and ongoing business
  • Troubleshooting issues with software
  • Researching CRM solutions to help automate this manual process and will assist with implementation, importing and exporting data, and training to use the system

Chocolatier - Starter Package

A local chocolatier contacted me for help with building her online store. After meeting with her in person and talking over the details of the products she was creating and the challenges she was facing, I created a plan to include:

  • Creating a custom Google Worksheet to store product data including SKUs, long and short descriptions, pricing, units, categories and related product variants
  • Establishing a process for creating SKUs to identify a product by category, sub-category, flavor, and unit
  • Organizing a filing structure to house product assets, especially product photography, for ease of reference
  • Branding and sizing product photography
  • Drafting a step-by-step User Manual for Client's use to maintain and populate products in her online store, while YFA serves as back-up and support should she need help

Donor Stewardship & Event Support

Copper Package

Non-Profit Admin Support - Copper Package

A local non-profit reached out to me after their in-office administrative support person moved on to another opportunity. Like so many small non-profits in the area, the Director found himself pulled in too many directions trying to run programs to support the bigger picture, while keeping up with the smaller tasks that are critical to funding and support. We discussed how I could help with:

  • Thank you letters for donors and participants after an event
  • Proofreading and reviewing grant applications
  • Preparing for a fundraiser, including managing invitations and RSVPs
  • Assisting with various projects as they come up

Supporting a New Business Launch

Silver Package

Estate Concierge Service - Silver Package

Approaching his one-year anniversary since the launch of his business, a local handyman approached me about helping with designing and launching his website, and other tasks related to getting a new business off the ground. To get things moving, I proposed:

  • Filling out my custom website build questionnaire
  • Serving as a sounding board for drafting the company mission statement, logo design, and identifying the target audience
  • Understanding the business itself has gone through an evolution and will continue to evolve as the customers' demands shape offerings and services
  • Guiding the Client on marketing approaches and options