Keeping your bookkeeping up-to-date and accurate can be a major time-killer. Bookkeeping Services are offered exclusively with Quickbooks Online.

Services listed here are not comprehensive.
I look forward to discussing solutions and options that best meet your needs.


Bookkeeping Tasks

If you prefer not to have your Quickbooks Accounts connected online to your bank accounts, Your Favorite Assistant can arrange for a scheduled pick-up of paperwork, or we can arrange for saving transactions online or via email.

  • Entering expenses and categorizing them appropriately

  • Capturing sales tax data (great for nonprofits that get reimbursed)

  • Monthly bank reconciliations

  • Setup and schedule reporting from Quickbooks Online

  • Invoicing

  • Recording Deposits

  • Generating checks in Quickbooks Online for client to print


Bookkeeping Services Currently Not Offered by Your Favorite Assistant

  • Cutting Checks

  • Handling physical deposits

  • Payroll

  • Tax reporting and payments

  • Online bill pay

  • Anything requiring the authorization of transferring funds from one account to another