Refer Someone and Save Money!

Your Favorite Assistant, LLC offers a Referral Program for current clients! Here’s how it works:

  1. Current client lets another organization know about my services and encourages that entity to hire me.
  2. Current client lets me know they’ve referred an entity
  3. I will make note of the referral
  4. If and when the referral books me for my services, I check my notes to see if anyone referred them
  5. When I see there’s a successful referral, the current client who made the referral receives a $25 credit on their account once the new client has paid for their services


  • Referrals are for current paying clients of Your Favorite Assistant, LLC only.
  • Limit of 3 successful referrals in a 90-day period (you can refer as many as you want but I can only offer 3 credits in a 90-day period)
  • Successful referrals will roll over to the next 90-day period
  • Referral credits must be used within 6 months from date of issuance

If you have additional comments or questions, please comment below and I will revise this blog post to address future questions.

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