Honey Chrome Extension - Save $ and Earn Rewards

I am very guilty of signing up for corporate marketing newsletters in an attempt to get a discount code or coupon for a one-time purchase, which leaves my inbox cluttered with marketing emails.

A couple of months ago I decided to try Honey - an easy to use browser extension that automatically searches the website I’m on for current coupons and discounts.

Say what?!? There’s something that will do that for me? The only thing I’m sad about is the countless hours of time spent over the years googling current coupon codes, trying each one in a painful and manual way, only to find out it doesn’t even work 90% of the time.

My first thought when I saw Honey was “this is too good to be true” followed by “what’s the catch”. (What can I say sometimes I'm a little pessimistic).

I’ve been using Honey for a couple of months now and it turns out Honey is awesome and there aren’t any catches! Sure some stores don’t participate, but most major retailers do! And you can earn Honey Gold on some purchases which is more ca-ching in your pocket. When you shop on Amazon more often than not you’re notified whether you have the best deal on an item or where to go to get the best deal from another seller.

In the meantime, I’ve unsubscribed for over 20 corporate newsletters as I tend to be a more “in the moment” kind of shopper and purchase something when I need it instead of waiting for a sale. I am very pleased with how easy and convenient Honey has been to use and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to declutter their email inbox and save money simultaneously.

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