Cleaning an Impossible-to-Clean Dry Erase Board

It happens to all of us. Your Dry Erase Board becomes a catch-all list of things to do and like most people with todo lists longer than their arms, that dry erase marker starts to act like a permanent marker and doesn’t want to erase anymore.

One time I made the mistake of using the scrub side of a sponge to clean an old board. Unfortunately, it made permanent scratches that effectively ruined the “finish” of the board, and all marker that touched that spot acted like permanent marker.

So what do you do when other cleaners won’t work? Bug spray. Yep, Bug spray! The oils commonly found in bug spray will dissolve the marker and won’t scratch the surface. But you will have to clean the residue after you’re done - I prefer a 50/50 vinegar and water solution (my general go-to cleaner around the house) to de-grease the board, but windex works, too.

I was elated to learn that all-natural bug spray works just fine, too!

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