Why I use Google Voice (For Now)

When I first started planning the launch of Your Favorite Assistant, I had one looming question to address - a dedicated phone number.

Should I use my cell phone? My home phone? Neither of these seemed like attractive options since I wanted to keep business separate from my personal life. 

Then I had an epiphany!

I had heard of Google Voice but wasn't sure about what it was, did, or if it cost anything. Turns out it was exactly what I needed as an entrepreneur working from home. You can have one single phone number for all of your phones, and you can call "from" your Google Voice number by using your computer to select which phone you would like to use. 

You can also send text messages from your computer (really great for when you don't want to use your cell phone), setup Google Voice to forward to one or more phone lines, customize your greeting messages and put them on a schedule. 

Because I'm just starting out, Google Voice is a great option while I grow my business. But you should know that Google does not recommend using Google Voice services for business use. This is because the service is not currently supported like other Google apps. As time goes on I will update everyone on any technical difficulties I experience and what sort of options are out there for voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that are affordable and easy to use.

Almost all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free! All you need is a Google Account.

Give it a try - it's free!

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