Programmable Mouse: Save Time and Increase Convenience

One hugely important piece of equipment I employ on a daily basis is my programmable mouse. How often do you cut, copy, and paste when you’re on the computer? If the answer is often, you may want to seriously consider purchasing a programmable mouse.

I’ve had a Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 for Business for over a year and absolutely love it! With a total of 5 programmable buttons, I can program the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions into the mouse buttons and save myself a few keystrokes. The time saved from this functionality really adds up! This purchase is a small investment compared to the time you'll save.

If you’re curious about how I have programmed my mouse, I prefer to use the left side button for Copying, the right side button for Pasting, and clicking the wheel Cuts text. These features are so handy when word processing, shifting content around on a website or blog post, and manipulating data in spreadsheets. The left-click and right-click buttons can function like normal or you can program those for different functions if you'd like.

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