Calculate How Much You Can Save

The value of your labor is more than your salary, it's the impact of your time on revenue and growth.

Use this calculator to determine your potential savings (or revenue) by delegating administrative tasks to Your Favorite Assistant. The value* of your labor could be determined any number of ways. Please see the examples below for inspiration. The calculator automatically divides your hours to complete a task by half when determining the time for YFA to perform the task. Many tasks will take even less time. 

Example 1: Solopreneur

Most entrepreneurs comprise a one-person team, doing it all. In the beginning, this worked out ok because there wasn't a lot going on, minimal client demand came with minimal administrative demand. But demands shift with moderate success, and the solopreneur is living a Catch-22 where less time is being spent on bringing in revenue, and more time is being spent keeping up with the infrastructure that supports bringing in revenue. 

Example 2: Real Estate Agent

An agent's most valuable time is spent cultivating a relationship with the buyer/seller, researching and marketing properties, and following through on the closing process. Every hour spent on something else is time not being spent on the most important tasks. Administrative tasks need to be done, but do they all need to be done by the agent? 

Example 3: Retail Store Owner

A retail store owner works the floor during store hours, makes marketing decisions, and actively networks with a local chamber for upcoming events. Spending time on smaller details such as researching printing options for product labels, or trying to create content for the website's blog can have a negative impact on the tasks that are much more important.