Advantages to Working with Your Favorite Assistant

We are super thankful for Tanna at YFA! She has created a whole new database and invoicing system for our nonprofit organization so that we can focus on recruiting members and spend less time updating Google spreadsheets and documents. She is incredibly detail oriented and resourceful. Tanna can help your business tremendously with her many talents and skills!
— Victoria Potter, High Country Local First

As your Virtual Assistant, I am committed to providing quality service, and it’s my goal to treat your business as I would my own­­—with great care and respect. You can count on me to provide excellent customer service to you and our clients /customers. 

An Alternative to Traditional Employees

I represent an alternative to hiring a traditional employee, which means you don't have to worry about payroll taxes, providing a space to work, or the stress of committing to regular, ongoing employment. You will find that I am well-versed and seasoned in my skill sets and abilities (going on over 20 years of experience), and with that comes a wealth of knowledge and skills for you to lean on. 


Confidentiality is very important! Any information shared with me regarding your business, even your personal comments, will be held in the strictest confidence. Any logins you share with me will be stored in an encrypted system. 

This is a Partnership

Our working relationship is a collaborative, professional relationship of equals, where mutual respect, courtesy, and consideration are expected from both of us. I'm invested in my client's success because my success is so closely tied with theirs. All of my clients are highly valued and given great consideration.


Monthly Packages

For ongoing support

Monthly Administrative Support Packages

Monthly packages are offered at a discounted rate in exchange for Client committing to 4-week periods on a retainer basis. Monthly packages are perfect for anyone looking for ongoing administrative support, and are available starting at a minimum of 5 hours per month to over 30 hours per month.

Package Clients receive priority in the schedule.